3 Plumbing Features to Check Before Buying a New Home

Plumbing Features Bend ORBefore you buy the home of your dreams, be sure to inspect these Plumbing Features.

It’s your dream home. You make an offer. Offer accepted. You order an inspection. The inspection is done and all is well. Or is it?  Homebuyer inspections are the rule these days. Sometimes plumbers are called in to do a more thorough follow up inspection. Unfortunately, this often happens after the home has already been purchased.

Too many times we find that the homeowner didn’t know the existing condition of their plumbing system… and we end up being the bearer of bad news.   Each home’s plumbing system can have its own issues and applications.  Here are some common things a plumbing features pro would look at before purchasing a home.

1. Main sewer

Recently we were called by a couple to unclog a main sewer line between their new home and the city sewer. After clearing the drain we used our sewer camera to inspect the line and determine the cause of the problem. The line was clearly deteriorating; some sections were only held together by the ground around them.  Another clog was imminent. Even worse, the line could collapse requiring a major repair or replacement.

Although these homeowners didn’t feel lucky at the time, it was certainly good timing to camera the line prior to collapsing. The pipe was in good enough shape to reline before the problem got worse. Waiting just wasn’t an option. The line was 12 feet deep and went under a detached garage. At the least, it would have been a very costly option.

Drains clog for a reason, but it’s not always obvious.  It is strongly recommended that a professional plumber perform a camera inspection on a main sewer line after it has clogged. If you’re purchasing a home, this is doubly important. Imagine in the above scenario knowing the condition of the line prior to the purchase of a home. You can’t always be certain whether the home has had drainage problems, and if so, whether the previous homeowner knew the reason for the clog. A simple camera inspection could make you aware of a hidden and very costly problem prior to the purchase.

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