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plumbing safety Bend ORBefore beginning any do-it-yourself projects or repairs it is a good idea to review some plumbing safety basics. By following some basic safety methods and precautions you can avoid injury and complete your projects successfully. These plumbing safety do’s and dont’s should be followed when doing any project whether big or small.

Useful Plumbing Safety Basics


  • Be informed – Check the local building and plumbing codes and laws before starting a plumbing project. Know what work you can do yourself and what work will require a professional. Get a permit whenever it is required for your plumbing project.
  • Protect your eyes – Wear safety glasses when doing any plumbing work especially when doing anything that potentially damage your eyes. Work such as snaking a drain, using a drill, using a sawzall, hammering or even working under a sink while looking up can pose a safety hazard for your eyes. Small objects can fall down or fly up right into your eye when least expected. Eyes are very sensitive and easily injured so it is always a good practice to protect them.
  • Protect your hands – Wear appropriate work gloves to protect your hands. Hands come into contact with many different materials and chemicals when doing plumbing projects, but using gloves is an easy way to prevent injuries. When using a drain machine of any sort it is a good idea to wear latex gloves under leather gloves to protect you from the germs typically found in drain lines. Proper drain gloves will protect your hands from the snake but it is a good habit to use latex or something similar for extra protection.
  • Protect your lungs – Use a face mask when necessary to protect your lungs. When your project involves sawing or sanding take the extra precaution of using a disposable face mask to prevent inhalation of dust particles.
  • Be cautious – Exercise caution when using power tools and follow the recommended manufacturer suggestions for use. Many people are injured by not keeping two hands on the power tool and staying focused on the project.Be extra cautions when soldering or using any heat on pipes, especially in the wall or near any insulation.

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