A Halloween Plumbing Nightmare – Pumpkin Pulp Not Good for Bend,OR Pipes

Here is an interesting article from Houston, TX.  Maybe some of you need a friendly reminder from Bend, OR’s Best Plumber about this.   Here the main point, do not under any circumstance carve a jack-o-lantern and then dump the seeds and pulp from your pumpkin into the sink and garbage disposal.  Even worse, flushing the seeds and pulp down the toilet.

Pumpkin Pulp Not Good for Bend,OR Pipes

Pumpkin pulp not good for San Diego PipesFrom yourhoustonnews.com

Jack-o’-lanterns, once used by the ancient Celtics to mark the end of summer, have become the symbol of Halloween today.

The Celtics placed flaming coal in the carved pumpkins at night to honor deceased family and friends and to protect their households from malevolent spirits. Today, the carved pumpkins line neighborhood homes and are lit with candles to greet trick-or-treaters going door-to-door in search of candy.

Although decorative, the pumpkin can be a pest to a home’s pipes when carvers dump the sticky pumpkin pulp and seeds down kitchen sink drains or into the garbage disposal.

Ken Hrebec, general manager of Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service in Houston, said dumping pumpkin pulp down a drain can end up costing homeowners $100 to $200 to fix clogged pipping.

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