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If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, filters are a viable and affordable option that will give you bottle-quality water straight from the tap. However, as home water purification systems are available in a wide variety of set-ups, knowing the best one for your home can be difficult. While top-of-the-line drinking water filters are unbeatable in performance, the other options can be very enticing to those on a budget. Here are a few tips on distinguishing one home water purification system from the next, and some advice on which set-up will work best in your home.

Cheap Drinking Water Filters

While cheap drinking water filters are available at nearly every department store, when compared to more complex home water purification systems, the former often comes up short. Many of the more affordable drinking water filters on the market require you to attach something to your existing kitchen faucet and flip the device whenever you want good quality water. In some cases, homeowners find that the seal between the faucet and the water filter deteriorates quickly or isn’t tight from the beginning; in many other instances, replacing filter components isn’t done frequently enough and the water you end up with is about the same quality as it would have been straight from the faucet. Since these contraptions are not always the most durable or convenient options, many have found that a slightly larger initial investment in a more permanent drinking water filter is the secret to water quality success!

Under-Sink Drinking Water Filters – Water Purification Systems

Home water purification systems that are installed permanently underneath the sink are the next rung on the water filtration ladder. These units typically function extremely well and produce very high quality water, and they require very little attention to maintain. Though they are certainly more pricey that buying a filtering pitcher to keep in the fridge or installing a slip-on faucet filter, the convenience and performance of these drinking water filters is, in many opinions, worth the higher cost.

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